Leaders of Today

During the month of August, I attended a conference by the National Center for Collaboration of Indigenous Education and the Atlantic Summer Institute’s conference on Child and Youth Mental Health. After reflecting on my experiences, I came to realize how much we value our youth and how important our voices are in this ever changing world. At the NCCIE conference and the ASI, there were youth panels, youth leadership programs, and discussion groups that included our input on curricula and policy. It was evident that there was a lot of effort used to ensure that youth presence/input was a strong element. Our voices are being heard now more than ever and is coming at a time of need. It is coming at a time when we must return to land based/experiential education, at a time when our population’s mental health needs better support, at a time when the climate is in trouble. It is in these times, when people are turning to youth, to generate new ideas and create solutions to the issues facing our world today. We are change makers. We are leaders. We have the motivation, creativity, strength, resilience it takes to make this world a better place. 

-Laylia Bennett

PEI Conferance.png